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Donation bike info

Two Wheeler Dealer accepts bikes for donation. We will repair the bike, within reason, to make sure it is in safe working condition. Then the bike will be donated to an organization that will find a good use for it. If the bike is sold for cash, we will keep track of all transactions and donate the money to a non-profit organization that is helping our community.

The book listing donors, sales and recipients is open to all donors at all times. Just ask to see this list and we will be glad to show you. We feel that this method is the best way to deal with donations. If you have a particular donation request, please pass it along to us.

Some of the organizations on our list are:

First in Families, Phoenix Employment Ministry, Domestic Violence Center, Tileston Outreach, Yahweh Center, Boys Club, St. Mary's Church, Camden House, Central Latino, Safe House, Interfaith Ministry.

Thank you for your interest in donations!